Skunk at the library

Today I was notified that there was a visitor at the library.  Accustomed as I am to indigent residents sleeping in various locations around our building, I expected to see a homeless individual sleeping in a newly discovered ‘off the beaten path’ rest area.  Imagine my surprise when I looked through a tinted window and spotted a lovely black and white animal grooming itself.  This is not a new occurrence, and having a lively little bundle of fur with the potential to make anyone who encounters it unapproachable for days or weeks creates its own unique set of problems.  I have contacted Animal Control, the Parks, Trees and Landscape department, and I am awaiting a return call from Right Way Animal Control and Removal.  These animals are typically relocated 10 miles from the discovery location, and only a licensed relocation expert can take on this task.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.