375 days since the last post? I find that hard to believe. Then I think back over the last year: my mother died, I quit the J-O-B, I got married. Those are some of the highlights. I guess a year could have passed while I was busy living life. 

Since no one reads these it’s not like I was missed. I post when something significant occurs – something that changes a core value, or returns a core value to its original setting. 

Today I was clearing Apps from my phone. I removed FaceBook last week, following the ISIS attack on Paris. I spend more time on relevant things now – staying in my present, focusing on the relationships in my life instead of the lives of acquaintances, and various celebrities. 

Today I advised my son while he opened an unemployment claim, I socialized with family and friends during breakfast, and now I’m at the veterinarian’s office, making sure my feline is in good health. 

I am grateful for the life I get to live today. I am blessed with many gifts: a warm bed, a vehicle that runs well, a loving family, my health, the ability to take my furry friend to the vet — the list goes on and on. 

That’s my story today. A busy, blessed life.