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Basically, I’m a 50 year old mother of 4, grand mother of 4, frustrated artist and full time college student.  I’ve been in clean and sober for 12 years and 60 days. My grandmother died in February 2011 of Alzheimer’s two weeks after my mother-in-law died of lung cancer. I divorced my husband of 21 years in September 2013. My mother died of ovarian cancer in September 2014. I have a kind, loving third husband and we’ve been married six months and seven days.

I’ve been blogging regularly for about a month. I’ve been blogging sporadically for about 14 years. My first page was “What A Muther” on Blogspot. http://whatamuther.blogspot.com

I keep a personal journal. My life has gone through some pretty significant changes in the past four years, causing me to question my validity and also my truth. Was I being as honest with me and with you as I needed to be? I started by posting some truth about me. There is a fine line between truth and shock value. I needed personal guidelines, some principles to follow. Could I post some deep, real feelings and life challenges without feeling shame or turning you off? Could I let you hear some of my ‘dark’ thoughts without fear of ridicule? Or could I ignore judgment, in order to be true to myself? I decided that eventually, with practice, I could.

My topics include crappy dreams, old, resurfacing feelings, personal insights, jokes I didn’t ‘get’ but through life experience suddenly ‘got.’ I share challenges I face and how I deal with life on life’s terms. I take photographs and I want to tie the images I shoot with the thoughts that I share. I want to let people who are afraid of their own truth find some comfort in discovering that maybe they can relate to mine. This is about as sure as I am right now about what this page represents. The road will get narrower as I become more…clear?

I would like to reach anyone who has trouble accepting themselves as they are, and those who are interested in working toward being a better them, by first accepting who they are right now. In this moment.

If I manage to blog for 365 days, I hope to have some followers who are more comfortable in their own skin, who like themselves a little more, and who have enjoyed my blogging efforts.

Currently I am learning to blog… Let’s see how this goes, okay?