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This is the first word that popped into my head after reading the Daily Prompt. Does it apply here? Let’s see.

Is doing something scary or stressful easier when surrounded by friends, or surrounded by strangers?

Define scary or stressful? One man’s (or woman’s) fear is another man’s challenge. Sometimes those are the same. When speaking in front of a group, both friends and strangers, the room gets warmer, armpits begin to perspire and less eye contact is made. Am I afraid? A little. There is a time limit, a need to convey a thought as clearly and concisely possible, and sometimes the words evaporate. Also, the ego wants a pat on the back for all that wisdom [insert laughter].

Does not knowing a person or a group of people make it easier to face a challenge like public speaking or wearing a new outfit (style) or writing the truth in a blog? Maybe.

Anonymity certainly makes it easier to bare the soul, on the page and in public. As personal growth more firmly asserts itself, I find that I feel less and less fear. Over time I’ve noticed that fear of what people think of me – should I happen to stumble over my words, or my feet, or if someone makes a negative comment about my appearance or my writing – is slowly diminishing.

Friends. I’d prefer to do anything scary or stressful with the presence of my friends and/or family. Why? The presence of trust, love, honesty, support. A real friend or a loving family member, from experience, will gently share the truth, and love me even with my perceived shortcomings.

It’s not so much about where and in front of whom – it is more about being comfortable being me. Walking through fear. Nothing in my life has ever been SO scary or stressful that I couldn’t look back and see the lesson.

Anonymous is good, and loving friends works, too.

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