Where the Heck have I been?

This will be a quickie – because life is happening. Or rather, life has gotten away from me? That might be more accurate.

It’s been over 30 days since I posted. I’ve missed recipe posts, Educating Kathy posts, and my favorite – the weekly 100 word blog photo prompt posts. What happened?

There was an exam. Then there was a second exam. And some stuff that needed to be addressed. And the photo prompts weren’t prompting anything. A spring break, followed by a vehicle broken. A friend’s child passed away. SO – a bunch of little things and a lack of inspiration, and here we are.

Friday… again. Moving forward.

This week was the first week after Spring Break. My first real Spring Break since… high school? And I did it – I spent 7 days NOT doing school work (oh, except for reading up on bees for a research paper). I gardened, and relaxed. And when it came time to pick up studying, I couldn’t. No motivation. And I did something contrary.  I asked some fellow students how they re-start. One replied, “Haven’t yet.” and another replied, “I set a goal, to read x many pages by a certain time.” I did that. I set a goal, to read 10 pages. And I did it.  I set another goal – 45 minutes to write notes from Biology. And I mostly did that. It was like getting on a bicycle at the bottom of a hill, and pedaling – slowly at first as the muscles screamed ‘really? a hill?!’, and then with more momentum, until I got to the top. Back on track.

Sunday a friend lost a child. An adult child. A son. I’ve lost a loved one, a mother. I have two sons. My heart broke for my friend, for the loss, for the empty space left in the heart. For the walk down a path on which no one can accompany her and her husband. Not really. People always have the best intentions, to offer support, love, and food. But ultimately, the healing is done inside, eventually, over time. The event reminded me of how grateful I am today, for the family I have, for the friends who mean well, who love me as is. And for my ability today to think of others.

Last night my nephew called, to thank me and my husband for a birthday acknowledgement. It was so nice to hear from him. He followed our call with a text and a link to a song – something I’d said reminded him of the song. Just a little reaching out and my whole attitude was lifted. Smiles. Lots of smiles.

Today is a new day, full of possibilities. Today I continue to move forward.