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Standing on Main Street, U.S.A., in the Magic Kingdom, March 24, 2022

Disney lovers, we spent seven days visiting Walt Disney World back in March. Immersed in another world, enjoying the company of our family, experiencing all the magic offered by Walt himself, we revisit those memories again and again. Some small event in the now catapults us back to a then moment and we relive the joy, the excitement, the wonder of that moment. There is also a longing to do it all again, soon, costs be damned. Those moments are those moments though. We cannot recreate them. While they will live forever in our memories, triggered by sights, sounds and smells today, they remain then moments. This moment, right now, is brand new and ready to be made into another precious, or not so precious, memory. I’m learning to live in anticipation of the next new moment and all it has to offer. And continue to enjoy the memories.