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As a part of a Blogging 101 workshop offered by WordPress it was suggested to find an Event, a weekly or monthly commitment to one of the many participation events offered by fellow bloggers. I searched and found Friday Fictioneers, offered and moderated by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This is my fourth week of participation, and I am loving this format, this practice of discipline. I’m not quick – the ideas don’t just rush in – but I have been pleased, so far, with what I’ve contributed. Here is this week’s submission:


FF Prompt 2016-02-12 Daffodil

When Daphne was very young, the world seemed a dark and uncertain place. The unknown was feared, and EVERYTHING was unknown. She grew, nurtured and nourished by her seemingly drab surroundings. Transitioning from adolescent to teen, her views changed. A positive example to those around her, though she felt awkward, lanky, somehow still in progress. Life presented challenges. She embraced them, moving forward, growing, changing further. Acknowledging experiences as lessons, Daphne, the warmth of the sun shining onto her face, awakened.  All the joys and challenges of life brought her to a single moment of insight, and she blossomed.


Friday Fictioneers – February 12, 2016