It’s been a while – I’ve let school take up most of my time – but I needed distraction and expression, so I visited Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields’s page to see what this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt might be. The 100 words came quickly, flowed effortlessly. I hope you enjoy it, or at least, understand.

Thanks to Roger Bultot for the photo.

FF Prompt 2016-05-04 grey-day-with-pigeons-roger-bultot

copyright Roger Bultot


They land quietly, one by one, in a seemingly random pattern. I noticed them shortly after she passed. I was staring out the window into the gray morning, tears etching my face, when they began arriving. I watched them for hours through the dusty glass as the day passed, dark gray skies to lighter grays and back. They never moved, except to make room for another, adjusting their own perches slightly to accommodate the newcomer. As I had no desire to move either, we sat quietly together. When they finally took flight, my sorrow flew with them.