Doorknob…as a Higher Power? 

I heard this again yesterday during a meeting, that a doorknob could be ones Higher Power. The person sharing added that while it didn’t make sense to them, it was heard often enough to merit…what?  And I had a brief flash of insight – clarity, if you will. 

A Higher Power means, to me and to most in these rooms, a power greater than me. Now, I don’t know about you, but I – of my own power – have never been able to open a door without the aid of a doorknob. Whether I had to turn one in order to get the door open, or even just to grasp and pull, as some closet doors have those false knobs. 

A doorknob is, in my opinion, a power greater than self. Without one I cannot open a door and pass through. Much like this program – without which I never could have opened the door to recovery and entered. 

Thanks for letting me share.