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Head down, collar up, feet moving, thumbs texting. Distracted. Absently reaching for the handle, I pulled a door open and entered.

“Please, silence your cell phone.” I looked up, startled. “Turn it off.” Smiling, her face was transformed into love in a hundred soft creases.

I complied. She gestured toward another set of doors and bowed her head slightly. My feet moved forward before my mind caught up. I pushed through the heavy, silent doors and as they closed behind me, I exhaled slowly. Here, hidden in this noisy, busy city, was a haven of peace. The Japanese garden.


photo prompt courtesy of C.E. Ayr

Friday Fictioneers: The rules: 100 words, no more, inspired by the weekly photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the weekly prompt and to C.E. Ayr for the photo.

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