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A Word From Our Sponsors

Have you ever made a promise, a commitment, and realized you might not be able to honor it? Stuff happens. Circumstances beyond our control.

Well, I need to review Part Three of the Financial Habits piece I am writing. And right not, it’s late and I need to get to bed.

So, I’m writing, like I said I would. It’s just not the piece you might have been expecting.

Tonight I read a line in a book that illuminated to me how I feel in the world most of the time – I laugh when life gets too serious, and I am too serious when others are in a loose and silly place.  I blurt out phrases and then cover my mouth quickly, wondering why the hell I said that, and hoping only one or two people heard it. I respond inappropriately often, thinking that what I’m going to say will be funny or make a point, and mostly I just confuse people.

I am grateful that when I shared this in a group tonight, I saw smiles and nodding, recognition. I am not alone, I am not the only one, and I am loved by these people, my tribe, for just being me.

In response to that feeling of camaraderie I cried. Hard.

Yeah. Well.

Tomorrow we will return you to your regularly scheduled program. Good night.