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It’s that time again – Friday Fictioneers 100-word story from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ photo prompt. I hope you enjoy it.

FF Prompt 2106-02-26 al_forbes

PHOTO PROMPT – © Al Forbes

The Project

Nick looked in the side mirror of his dad’s SUV at the old cars tied to the trailer.

Why did you buy those old heaps?” They run on steam. Lame.

Dad sighed. Slowly. They aren’t heaps.

“They’re project cars. To work on during our weekend’s together.” Teenagers.

Nick’s turn to sigh. Deeply. Oh joy.

Every weekend?” I do not want to spend ‘our’ weekends fixing YOUR cars.

Dad gripped the steering wheel a little tighter. Stay cool.

“Well – yeah – for a few hours anyway. You know, something different.” Divorce sucks.

Nick sat sullenly. “I guess.” Divorce sucks.