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Educating Kathy – Week Ending Feb. 5, 2016

Week One is complete – 15 to go.

Made a To Do list to help keep up, stay on track.

One homework assignment: create a Weekly Study Schedule. Realized that I enrolled in one too many classes – too many study hours required overall (I have to eat, after all, and shower, and spend a little time with myself).

Originally enrolled in:

  • American Literature from 1865,
  • Biology,
  • Geography,
  • Geography Lab, and,
  • Creative Writing.

Note: I am a high school drop-out. Took the ‘easy’ way out (which has proven to be the harder way) in my junior year – never took a literature class or a science class or a math class in high school. 35 years later I’m learning about things that my classmates have more recently experienced.

I have learned the art of studying over the past few years – different styles for different subjects.

The Biology professor sent an email to students TWO WEEKS before the class began, listing required reading, and a pre-lecture worksheet to be completed and handed in at the beginning of class.  Students are up to speed and professor can emphasize and clarify rather than walking a room full of students through the basics.  Brilliant, frankly. Already digging this professor.

Geography is interesting. Professor here is also a kick, humorous and no-nonsense. Knows his stuff. I’m looking forward to both science courses.  There is a lab tacked onto this class – 3 hours of lecture, 3 hours of lab. One reinforces the other. Should be a snap.

Creative Writing. My original choice for the semester. I want to become a better writer. Education is to get educated, right? Seems the logical choice. As long I can remember that I walk in knowing very little, that’s why I enrolled, to LEARN. (In the beginning of this education phase, I would be very hard on myself about not knowing, about my ignorance. I wanted to quit because everything was so foreign to me.  It was pointed out to me that I enrolled because I DIDN’T have this knowledge. I was taking the class to learn about… Math, Philosophy, Public Speaking. Not many enroll in a class where they already know the material.)

And finally, American Literature from 1865.  This is no longer in my schedule. American Literature requires as much reading as do the other three classes, and I lack strong retention abilities. I do not need this course to graduate. I do need this course to transfer into an English program at University. I can take it later, after the required General Education courses are complete.

Do what is manageable, reasonable. I have 30 years of work experience. I do not need to overdo this.

My first week was the introduction to what I’m committing to this semester. I’m all in.

One last thing: I’m going to be in the school paper. Monthly “Man-on-the-Campus” thing. Question: What does Love mean? Nothing like a simple question to start of the school year. Once it comes out, I’ll let you know how I answered that one. I frankly do not remember.